Tipbet Cashout

PartIal-Auto Cashout

Tipbet’s Partial Cash Out on all devices

New to Tipbet’s customer offering is the Partial Cash Out function which brings with it complete control and convenience to the user in our sports betting. This builds on Cash Out and gives added flexibility with part of a Cash offer now available to be taken.

This can be organised by opening an open betting slip. There, a percentage of the payout offer or an exact number can be selected. The remainder of the cashout amount continues and will be updated as the sports selection result unfolds.

The Partial Cash Out is available to be used across all devices, and is of the same high standard on PC, mobile and tablet with bet information up to the second. It can be used on both live and pre-match bet selections, as well as single and multi-bets.

Tipbet CashOut

The betting slip displays active bets as well as any Partial Cash Out offers that are available.

Tipbet CashOut

Clicking on the yellow Partial Cash Out button will give you the option to choose an amount or percentage to partially or fully withdraw.

Tipbet CashOut

In this example, €30 was taken, leaving €2.05 left available for Partial Cash Out – this amount will fluctuate as the sport event unfolds.

Auto Cash Out

Additionally, Auto Cash Out allows a number – up to the maximum payout amount – to be chosen; if/when the Cash Out offer reaches the amount it will automatically be processed for you. With this new feature from Tipbet, never miss the perfect time to Cash Out again!

Tipbet CashOut

Should you choose Auto Cash Out, in this example – as the maximum payout amount – it is €4, and this can be lowered as desired.